Re-Settling in Lima

Writing Buddy back in the office

Nearly three weeks have passed since our return to our apartment here in Lima, Peru. We have re-connected with our church community and the locals in our Miraflores neighborhood.

Ian and Cleo back in the favorite chair

In weekly routines, I am back at the gym and Ian is back at Rotary. Ian is preaching on occasional Sundays, and I am teaching the children Bible stories with Godly Play.  Ian has been very involved with celebrating Bishop Godfrey’s 25th anniversary, the visit of a team from MedSend and the spring family church festival of the diocese.  Both of us are involved with the British acting group which this week is putting on its Comedy Night; Ian has a comedy role and I am doing lighting.  We are getting ready for Ian’s accompanying Bishop Godfrey at the Anglican Consultative Council’s meeting in New Zealand, and I will go along to visit my AFS sister Jenny in the South Island. Our big celebration will be on November 18th when our son Joe marries Virginia in Cozumel. Obviously, a very special fall/spring!

Sunday School materials brought back from the U.S.–plus Cleo

Meanwhile, the damp spring days are still gray and cool with nights down in the 50’s. I am thankful for wool sweaters and our electric blanket and the sunny days around the corner!

Cleo staying warm under the covers

Cleo has adjusted to apartment life, skidding across the parquet floors after felt mice rather than pouncing on little grey moles in the Vermont countryside. Ian and I are enjoying walks to the malecon(ocean cliffside) and watching the parapenters (hang gliders) float above the coastline. We have returned to our local grocery store to buy the food we missed during the Vermont summer: ripe avocados, mangoes and tasty chicken. Unfortunately our gas grill had rusted out due to the ocean air, but the local iron monger created replacement grills and we switched to charcoal.

Working with our new grill set-up and charcoal chimney

Needing a chimney for lighting the charcoal, we created one from a tin left over from Christmas paneton bread and waited patiently for the charcoal to settle down to red-hot coals to cook the chicken. We then enjoyed our first dinner al fresco.

First springtime dinner on the balcony–grilled chicken

We are stepping back into our roles and some of the routines we had before, but we also know that new challenges and opportunities will present themselves each day as we come back into the Peruvian culture. After 3+ years here, there are fewer surprises and more opportunities to communicate. Our Spanish is better, but still humbling in its imperfection.  We look forward to the spring and summer ahead!


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One response to “Re-Settling in Lima

  1. Barbara Johnson

    Everyone, including Cleo, looks very comfy and right at home. My daughter also has a feline “executive assistant”, who is always at the ready! Love the updates and the pictures of you all. Dinner looks yummy and I would miss mangoes too! Love to all. Barbara

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