Return to New Zealand

It’s lovely to be back in New Zealand

Coming back to New Zealand after a year and a half, I felt right at home and ready to revisit sites and experiences. Last time it was autumn and this year it is spring–from shearing time to lambing season. I love seeing the twins and triplets coming alongside their moms with their high pitched baaaaa’s. Hoping to pat their little heads, I was surprised that they shied away from me and trotted away. I wonder how long it would take for them to know my voice?

Ewes and lambs under poplar trees

The mountains were covered with snow this time of year and the weather changed each day varying from snow or rain to blue skies and wind. We still found enough pockets of sun to garden, hike and hang out the laundry.

Spring time is planting time. We turned over the raised beds and with the help of neighbors, augmented the soil with manure and compost. Jenny and I set out bean plants, onions, and some beets. Spring flowers are in bloom, too: lilacs, columbine, rhododendrons and azaleas.

As we walked a trail yesterday I spotted lupines not yet in bloom, but prolific along the stream bed. The flowering cherry trees are loaded and grace the road up to the house. The night time frost caught the wisteria and the rhododendrons last night!

Raised beds partly planted–springtime in New Zealand

Farmers’ markets are a favorite of mine from Vermont, to Peru to New Zealand.

Neighbors helping out Jenny and Al with garden chores

Selling lavender products at the Frankton Farmers Market

Cheeses, vegetables and handcrafts capture my interest and my spending money. This time I bought a handmade tea cozy, chutney and a new red spice made from Sumac shrubs. (We tried it out on steak last night– bit spicy, like a paprika with a faint hint of lemon.) Sampling the wares and gathering information from the vendors is part of the experience.

Great looking dog biscuits, muffins and treats–even samples!

One blustery day, Jenny and I enjoyed the Million Dollar Cruise on Lake Wakatipu. The British came and settled in the 1860’s, so Queenstown is a recent development in the whole scheme of civilization.  Homes built along the shore are modern–lots of glass, stone and concrete.  We enjoyed the boat ride, but decided none of the houses were worth our investment. On Sunday we cycled along one of the new bike trails built during the past year. It took us along mountain sides with views of rivers, lakes and distant ski slopes. Well designed with views, benches, and a good surface to ride on, these trails are a  wonderful investment in recreation and a celebration of the beauty of this area.

Heading out onto Lake Wakatipu

Enjoying the boat trip on Lake Wakatipu

Ian joins me next week and Jenny, her husband Al and I will enjoy showing him around. Our big treat will be a flight to Milford Sound and a boat trip around the fjords.

This is a stunning country, a jewel tucked away down under.
How fortunate we are to spend time here with friends.

Al and Jenny Coleman, my wonderful hosts in Queenstown.

Cycling along Lake Hayes with the Remarkables in the background.








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5 responses to “Return to New Zealand

  1. Mary Lambrecht

    Hi Polly, These pictures are stunning….especially the boat trip, and the one with you biking! It does sound lovely. Say hello to the fjords next week for me. May Ian arrive safely and with uplifted spirits. Love, Mary


  2. A wonderfully descriptive and inviting reflection on your time in New Zealand, and your pictures enhance your writing! Thanks for sharing, Polly — love to Ian when he arrives.

  3. Mary Pierson

    Hi Polly,
    Thank you for this wonderful report and such great photos. I feel like I am experiencing it with you! May God continue to bless your time there. Safe travels. love and prayers, Mary

  4. Thanks for pointing out the mountains, Mom. I may have missed them otherwise. Glad you’re having such a wonderful time! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    • Ha, ha. Guess I needed one more edit! I fell off a horse yesterday as it jumped a stream and scrambled up the hill, but I am okay. Thankful I wore a helmet and for ibuprofen! I think I will be more careful between now and the wedding! Dad comes today, which will be great! Love, Mom

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